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Beitrag von Streamer » 11 Mär 2008 05:19

When you are with me
I feel the warmth of love
Like the warmth of sunshine
Sunshine coming in through a window

When the rain is pouring down hard
When lightening is flying through the air
There's the loud sound of frightening thunder
It's the horror I can no longer bear

You are the bright ray of sunshine
Coming out through the clouds
You are that colourful rainbow that is there
at the end of the storm

My sunshine, you brighten up my life
My rainbow, you colour up my life
My child, I love you and I need you for life

Kimberley Brendson 1980 - 2004

Stefan von Hatten

Re: thoughts

Beitrag von Stefan von Hatten » 12 Mär 2008 22:09

Tiefgehende Worte - klingen irgendwie traurif und melancholisch...


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