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Beitrag von Streamer » 11 Mär 2008 03:48

You can judge me by the colour of my face,
You can judge me because I'm not one of your race.

You can strip me of my beliefs and my pride,
But there's a fire inside me that will never die.

So, I'll tell you once again,
I'm damn proud to be be an Indian.


Who cares enough to accept me as I am,
Who does not condemn me for my shortcomings,
Who helps me to learn from my mistakes.

Who cares enough to respect me as an individual
with the right to learn and grow at my own pace
and in my own unique fashion.

Who will stand by to help when I need it,
but will release me from my guilt,
and help me find constructive ways to deal with reality.

Who will encourage me to explore the world about me,
Who will open my eyes to beauty and my ears to music,
Who will listen to my questions and help me find answers.

Who cares enough to help me achieve my full potential,
and who has faith in my ability to develop into a worthwhile person.
Could this someone be me?

Megan Shawnah Brendson 1960-2004

Stefan von Hatten

Re: memories

Beitrag von Stefan von Hatten » 12 Mär 2008 22:11

Wer ist "Megan Shawnah Brendson"?


Wer ist online?

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